• What is Wondr?

    Wondr is a mobile application that allows you to start a chat session for your Twitter followers. Also, you can chat anonymously with session creators whom you are following.

  • How do I sign up?

    Joining Wondr is free. You can download the mobile app from the app stores and then login with your Twitter account. Wondr only accepts signups with Twitter accounts.

  • Is it free?

    Yes. Wondr is free.

  • Why can I only sign up with Twitter?

    The idea behind Wondr is to have a place where you can chat with your followers and people you follow. We want to ease that process for you. We get your followers and followings from Twitter. So, you are ready to go when you signup to app.

  • What is chat session?

    Sessions are created by users like you. When you want to chat with your followers you can create a session with a topic that you want to talk about. While session is open, your followers can chat with you.

    You can also join other people's sessions that you are following and chat with them anonymously.

  • How can I start a session?

    Starting a session is very easy. Just click "Create Session" button ( ) on the bottom of the main screen and write a topic for your session. This name tells what you want to chat with your followers. When you create a session, a tweet will be posted automatically on your Twitter. So, your followers will be notified that you are ready to chat with them.

  • Who will know when I create a session?

    When you create a session a tweet that contains a link and your session subject will be posted on Twitter. Also, your followers from Wondr app will be notified with a push notification. When they click the link or notification they can easily start to chat with you.

  • Who can chat with me when I create a session?

    Your followers on Twitter and Wondr can create a conversation with you.

  • Is there a limit for convesations in session?

    We found out that a user can chat efficiently with at most 10 people at a time. So, a session is limited with 10 active conversations. After that new conversations will be queued. When someone leaves conversation or you close it, a new conversation will be activated from the queue.

  • How can I chat with someone waiting in queue?

    In chat sessions there is a limit so that you can chat with at most 10 people at a time. When a user leaves the conversation with you, a new conversation will be activated from queue. Also, you can close a conversation when you finish your chat with a person.

  • Why can't I see profile of the person I chat with in my session?

    This is the main feature of the Wondr. We know that people are more comfortable and honest when they are anonymous. Because of that your followers will be anonymous when they chat with you to express their real feelings. They are identified with a random color name; so you can separate them.

  • What is the meaning of the user names in my session?

    People are chatting with you anonymously in your session. So, we give them a random color name to help you to separate them easily.

  • How can I close a session?

    When you want close a session you can press the "X" button and close the session. All conversations will be closed and session will be archived so you can read conversations anytime.

  • What happens to conversations when I close a session?

    All of the conversations will be closed. People can't write you anymore. Also, when you close a session, all of the conversations will be archived. You can see your closed sessions in archive ( ) page.

  • Where can I find my old conversations?

    When you close a session or archive a conversations with someone, all of the messages will saved to your archive. You can read these conversations and messages from your archive ( ) page later.

  • What is the meaning of "User left conversation"?

    When someone you chat with close or delete the conversation with you, you will see a message "User left conversation". This means you can't chat with this person anymore in this session.

  • How can I save my conversations?

    When you archive a conversation, this conversation will be saved to your archive ( ). But remember that when you archive a conversation, this conversation will be closed.

  • How can I delete a conversation?

    You can long press or slide a conversation to open conversation menu. There you can delete a conversation.

  • Can I delete a conversation from archive?

    You can long press or slide a conversation in archive to open conversation menu. There you can delete a conversation.

  • How can I join other people's sessions?

    If you follow somebody, when he or she creates a session you will be notified. Also you will see sessions from people you following on your main screen. You can start chat with these people from here.

  • Can I block someone to send message to me?

    In your session you can block a user to send message to you. You can long press or slide a conversation to open conversation menu and press the block button.

  • What is the meaning of “Following on Twitter” on people screen?

    The list in the people screen ( ) "Following on Twitter" contains people who you are following on Twitter. You can easily follow them on Wondr by follow button ( ). If a person you follow is not using Wondr you can invite them to use Wondr by invite button ( ).

  • What happens when I send an invitation to someone?

    You post a tweet automatically to invite that person to join Wondr.

  • How can I find people on Wondr?

    You can search people on people screen ( ).

  • Why I should follow someone?

    When you follow someone you will be notified when this person opens a session. So you won't miss any people's session you want to chat with.

  • How do I unfollow a user?

    You can list your following list on me screen ( ). There you can unfollow the users you want.

  • How can I see who is following me?

    You can't see who is following you. Because when you create a session your follower can chat with you anonymously. In order to protect their anonymity your followers list is hidden but you can see how many people follows you on me page ( ).

  • How can I change notification settings?

    You can change notification settings from me page ( ). You can disable or enable notification from there.

  • How can I logout from the app?

    You can logout from the me screen ( ).

  • How can I change my profile picture?

    We get your profile picture from your Twitter account. When you change it on Twitter, it will be reflected on Wondr. You can't change it directly on Wondr.

  • How can I change profile information?

    We get your bio and location from twitter. When you change it on Twitter it will be reflected on Wondr. You can't directly change them on Wondr.